Working in the industry we get to meet many other businesses and business  people. One company we’ve dealt with recently is JJ Industries. They’re experts in environmental compliance. They’re the guys you go to when you want to prevent spills or run-off from contaminating the environment.

The product that we saw them laying out is rubber floor bunding. Bund or bunding is a method of containment that works well for liquids. You’d use bunding to prevent oil and grease washing out of wash bays into local waterways, or to contain areas where you can expect spills, like where you do oil changes or store fuel.

Rubber Floor Bunding

JJ Industries installed rubber floor bunding at Rand Transport. That’s the bunding you see in the picture above. This stuff is made of  a hard plastic rubber that is glued and bolted into place. Once installed it’s good for years. You can drive over it. You can also remove/move it if required.

Drive Over Bunding

The other product JJ Industries have is a drive over bunding. That is a flexible PVC that will folds down when you drive over it. The PVC is filled with memory foam that expands, making the bunding spring back into place. This stuff is a good option if you need permanent bunding in an area that you drive over, especially if you’re driving a fork lift truck. Those things don’t have suspension.

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