If you live on the if you live on the Gold Coast then your house is surrounded by termites. This is part of the environment in which we live in. They are a natural insect that was here long before we were. And will probably be here long after we leave. So the question about termites and the damage they can do isn’t a question of how to eradicate them. It is a question of how to control them.

The best form of control is regular pest inspections. What you want to do is make sure that your property is always safe from pests. And if there have been incursions from termites or other pests you want to discover that early so that you can remedy it without undue expense. This is the same thing we do with skin cancer. We know we live on the Gold Coast where skin cancer rates are high. So we take precautions. And we get a skin test done every year.

The problem with many pest inspections is that they are not as reliable as you would hope. (Bit like the skin cancer check I got done years ago that missed the big BCC on my face.) There are plenty of people who get into the trade aren’t as experienced as you might hope. For thorough and authoritative pest inspections we recommend the Gold Coast Pest Inspector.

Richard Eedy has been in the business for so many decades it’s hard to count. He is as honest as the day is long and knows everything you need to know about pests and termites. He started up his own business because he got frustrated dealing with real estate companies who weren’t interested in getting honest and detailed reports. They were more interested in selling the property and wanted a tick in the pest box to make sure that they could pass on the property to the buyer without delay. This wasn’t in Richard’s nature. Richard wanted to submit full and honest reports no matter the consequences. He wanted to do what was right and if there were pests he wanted that noted. So he started his own company where he could deal direct with buyers and agents and know that he could always deliver the report in the way that it was meant to be.

If you’re buying a home you want the best and most accurate pre-purchase pest inspection that you can get. I honestly believe that Richard is the one to deliver that report. If you already own a home then you should get regular test inspections from Richard. If you live on the Gold Coast you’ll probably get regular skin cancer checks. And it’s the same with pest inspections. And when you get that person inspection I reckon you should look up the Gold Coast Pest Inspector.

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