Garden Maintenance

Plenty of homes we visit have expansive gardens. Part of our work is security camera installation. Usually, it's the larger properties that require professional camera installations. What we notice is…

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Air Conditioner Cleaning
Technician spraying chemical water onto air conditioner coil to clean and disinfect

Air Conditioner Cleaning

If you have air conditioning, and let's face it most of us do, now is a good time to look at getting some air conditioning cleaning. Your air conditioner contains…

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Gold Coast Alarms and CCTV
CCTV security camera for outdoor space monitoring

Gold Coast Alarms and CCTV

As Gold Coast Electricians we're often working in a sphere similar to our friends in home security. For instance, we do intercoms and they do intercoms. We run data cables…

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Floor Bunding

Working in the industry we get to meet many other businesses and business  people. One company we've dealt with recently is JJ Industries. They're experts in environmental compliance. They're the…

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South East Electrical Services

For all Gold Coast Electrical needs Electrician Gold Coast recommend South East Electrical Services. They offer a range of electrical services to Gold Coast customers, from the home and domestic electrical sector…

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